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About PraxisExam.org

PraxisExam.org is for teachers! Whether you are an aspiring credential candidate or a seasoned educator, our sole focus is to help you prepare, gain confidence, and pass your Praxis® Exams. We help teachers prepare to demonstrate their competency with core academic skills (Praxis Core), knowledge of subject-specific content (Praxis Subject Assessments), and Content Knowledge for Teaching (Praxis CKT).

In addition to knowing the material, figuring out which tests to take and what constitutes a passing score can also be complicated because each state determines its own certification and Praxis passing score requirements. All this, plus the coordination of registration deadlines, test dates and locations make preparing for the exams a formidable project. That is why we have researched and compiled everything you need to know about the requirements in each state, current registration, and test date information in addition to providing access to the top study guides and practice tests available. Our goal is to make sure you are confident and ready to pass your Praxis exams on schedule.

What We Offer

We work with teaching educators and assessment experts to create and vet our content, ensuring that the information and tools we offer are the most effective and efficient toolkit possible for Praxis preparation.

State-by-state teacher certification requirements regarding which Praxis exams you need

Study guides and practice tests including the top prep videos and online courses

Detailed, up-to-date exam information, including registration information, test dates, exam costs, and more

Our online test prep program is comprehensive, individualized, and flexible, which is why 92% of test-takers who use all our recommended test prep programs pass their exams.

Our Mission

It's simple: to empower the educators by helping them overcome the hurdle of certification exams. Passionate, dedicated educators shape and prepare our next generation of learners. PraxisExam.org is dedicated to making it easier to enter the profession by providing expert Praxis preparation tools along with clear and helpful information.

With the current teacher shortages and challenges faced by our nation's schools and students, our mission is more important today than ever.

Preparing for the Praxis Exams

When we talk to teachers, we frequently hear them talk about the challenge of passing the Praxis exam, often one of the last hurdles before completing their credentialing journey. We believe all aspiring teachers should have the best tools available to help them overcome the obstacle presented by this standardized test.

We offer a wide selection of services and materials to help credential candidates prepare for and pass the Praxis exam.

Who We Are

We are education and teaching experts, teachers, credentialing experts, coaches, and academics from across the country with diverse educational backgrounds, but we have one thing in common. We are all extremely passionate individuals working together to make help teachers and aspiring teachers with their credentialing assessments. We come together to research and share up-to-date, accurate state, and test-specific information, create and vet test prep study guides and practice tools with the aim of helping educators whom we seek to support on every step of their certification journey.

Meet a few of us:

Corey Sexton

Corey Sexton is entering her sixteen year as a high school library media specialist. She holds teaching certificates for Pre-k, K-3, 1-8, K-12 library media, administrative licenses for 4-9 and 7-12, and two Master degrees.

Corey Sexton

Expert Contributor, Corey Sexton

Wilson Hatcher

Wilson Hatcher holds his Master's Degree in Higher Education Leadership. He has been teaching strategic test preparation for over a decade. He took the PRAXIS Core exam in spring 2021 and earned scores of 200 on Reading, 200 on Math, and 198 on Writing.

Wilson Hatcher

Expert Contributor, Wilson Hatcher