Praxis® Elementary Education Pass Rates in Iowa Colleges


Praxis Exam Scoring Statistics

The Praxis exam is a teacher certification exam that many states accept for their prospective educators. In Iowa, the pass rate for the Praxis test is 81%, which is higher than many other states. There are a number of versions of the Praxis test that each cater to specific subjects and teaching levels. Each individual state can establish its own criteria and passing score, as well as the specifics of teacher licensure. In Iowa, the passing scores for all Early Childhood and K-12 tests range from 130 to 164 out of a possible 200 points. Taking the Praxis Core Practice Tests can help prepare prospective teachers for their exams.

Benefits of Private vs. Public Schools

Teacher licensure and certification sometimes varies between private and public schools. In Iowa, teachers at both private and public schools have to have a relevant Bachelor's degree and certification, including passing Praxis tests. The specific Praxis tests that teachers need to take may vary based on the school or age group they want to teach. Understanding the specifics of How to Become a Teacher in Iowa is essential for anyone preparing for a career in education. In the case of early childhood education, many educators are employed in private schools. They may need to take the Early Childhood Education Praxis Practice Test to make sure they are prepared.

Description of Elementary Education in Iowa

According to the Iowa department of education, elementary education in Iowa goes from pre-K to the sixth grade. Although there are some alternative paths to becoming a secondary school educator in Iowa, the elementary pathway is rigidly delineated and requires several Praxis tests. Because elementary school teachers usually have to teach a variety of subjects instead of specializing in just one, they may need to take the Praxis Elementary Education Multiple Subjects Practice Test to be certain that they are fully prepared. The exam for the Praxis Elementary Education CKT Practice Test is the only one specifically required for elementary education in Iowa, though teachers' circumstances and experiences may vary.

List of Schools with Above Average Pass Rate

Iowa has a higher passing score rate for Praxis exam for elementary education than many other states, owing in part to good funding for teacher education programs.

School Institution Type 2-year/4-year First-Attempt Pass Rate
1 Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary Private 4 year 100%
2 University of Iowa Public 4 year 97%
3 Luther College Private 4 year 97%
4 Central College Private 4 year 96%
5 Mount Mercy University Private 4 year 91%
6 Iowa State University Public 4 year 90%
7 Drake University Private 4 year 90%
8 Dordt University Private 4 year 89%
9 St. Ambrose University Private 4 year 88%
10 Emmaus Bible College Private 4 year 88%
11 Cornell College Private 4 year 87%
12 University of Northern Iowa Public 4 year 85%
13 Simpson College Private 4 year 85%
14 Coe College Private 4 year 85%
15 Waldorf University Private 4 year 84%
16 Briar Cliff University Private 4 year 84%
17 Morningside College Private 4 year 82%

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Pass rate information is based on data published by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Praxis Exam test prep material

Praxis exams can be general or subject-specific, and teachers may choose to increase their skills by taking subject exams later in their careers. All teachers will need to make sure that they are prepared to teach reading, for which they may want to take the Praxis Elementary Education Reading & Language Arts Practice Test or the Praxis Teaching Reading Elementary Practice Test. Those wishing to specialize in a specific elementary school subject might want to take the Praxis Elementary Education Social Studies Practice Test, the Praxis Elementary Education Science Study Guide, or the Praxis Elementary Education Math Practice Test. There are also Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) tests, including the Praxis Elementary Education Math CKT Practice Test.