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What is the Praxis Core Exam?

The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators tests are designed to assess the general reading, writing, and mathematics skills in future teachers. The Praxis Core exam is taken regardless of the content area or grade level a future educator plans to teach. In the United States, many colleges and universities use the Praxis Core as part of their entry requirements for their teacher preparation programs or to evaluate potential students. In addition, the majority of states use the Praxis Core Exam as a requirement in the teacher licensure and certification process. These states may require teachers to have passed the Praxis Core as well as the appropriate Praxis Subject Assessments (Praxis 2). The test code for the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Combined Test is 5752.

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Praxis Core Test Structure and Content Areas

The Praxis 5752 test evaluates a test taker's knowledge of three subjects: reading, mathematics, and writing. The Praxis 1 exams include a variety of questions to test your knowledge. This includes single-selection selected-response, multiple-selection selected-response and numeric entry questions. The Praxis Core Writing Test may also require you to respond to essay questions.

The questions on Praxis I exams are created by a combination of people such as educators, faculty of teacher preparation programs and disciplinary specialists. When developing the Praxis exam questions, they follow strict standardized procedures and are reviewed on a regular basis. The types of questions, number of questions, and time limit vary depending on if you are taking the reading, mathematics, or writing exam.

Combined Praxis Core 5752

The Praxis Core reading, writing, and mathematics subtests may be taken on the same day, or they may be completed separately. If they are taken at the same time, it is called the Core Academic Skills for Educators Combined Test (5752). Scores will still be reported by individual tests. The time limit to complete the entire Praxis Core test is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Praxis Core Reading Subtest

The Praxis Core Reading Test requires individuals to read, analyze and respond to different types of texts which may come from a variety of mediums, such as novels or non-fiction texts. To demonstrate their understanding of the passages they have read, test takers will answer selected-response questions that test how well they can identify elements (such as main idea, purpose, evaluation of evidence) and draw conclusions from the text.

The Praxis Core Reading Test consists of 56 selected-response questions based on reading passages and statements, and it has an 85-minute time limit. The fee for the Praxis Core Reading Test is $90, and when taken alone the test code is 5713. The content categories for this subtest include:

Reading Subtest Content Categories Number of Questions Percentage of Exam
Key Ideas and Details 17-22 35%
Craft, Structure and Language Skills 14-19 30%
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 17-22 35%

Praxis Core Writing Subtest

The Praxis Core Writing Test examines a test taker's understanding of different types of writing, such as argumentative, informative, and explanatory writing. The time limit for this subtest is 40 minutes for the selected-response questions and 60 minutes to complete the 2 essays. The fee for the Praxis Core Writing test is $90 and its test code is 5723,

The content categories in this subtest include:

Writing Subtest Content Categories Number of Questions Percentage of Exam
Text Types, Purposes, and Production 6-12 selected-response, 2 essays 60%
Language and Research Skills 28-34 selected-response 40%

Praxis Core Mathematics Subtest

The Praxis Core Mathematics Test tests an individual understanding of different concepts taught in mathematics. The format includes both selected-response and numeric entry questions. If this test is being taken online, test takers have access to an on-screen calculator. If this test is being taken at a testing center, you can bring a calculator. Graphing, scientific and four-function calculators are permitted for use during select Praxis tests. However, it must be specifically stated that a calculator is permitted for use during that particular test. The Praxis Core Mathematics Subtest consists of 56 questions, and individuals are given 90 minutes to complete this test. The test code for the Praxis Core Math is 5733 and its fee is $90. The content categories include:

Math Subtest Content Categories Number of Questions Percentage of Exam
Number and Quantity 20 36%
Data Interpretation and Representation, Statistics and Probability 18 32%
Algebra and Geometry 18 32%

Praxis Core Study Guide Resources and Materials

In order to earn a high score on the Praxis Core, studying and reviewing practice materials is critical. Depending on your study preferences, you can find materials that help you establish a study plan for how you should approach practicing for the Praxis Core.

Study Resources and Materials

When preparing for the Praxis Core exam, there are many resources and materials that can be used to help you study. This includes Praxis Core study guides, Praxis test example questions and full-length practice exams. ETS also offers webinars that offer information and demonstrations. These are taught by live instructors and teach test takers about the Praxis test preparation, products, services and resources. This is a more immersive way to prepare for the Praxis Core and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with others.

Test takers can also utilize Praxis Interactive Practice Tests (IPTs). These are full-length practice tests that provide you with the chance to answer one set of test questions. In addition, there are many free and affordable practice resources offered, including preparation materials, a list of study tips/strategies, a video library, and information on developing a study plan.

Taking the Praxis Core Exam

When deciding to take the Praxis Core exam, you should consider the format you want your exam to be administered in. You can choose to take the exam online in the privacy of your home. For this option, the Praxis Core is completed on a computer and monitored by a human proctor. The other option is for you to take your exam in person at a testing center in your area.

What to Expect on Test Day

On test day, test takers need to be equipped with the required materials whether their exam is being administered online or in person. If taking the exam online, test takers should make sure their computer is working properly, have acceptable note-taking materials, and ensure their area is free of distractions. It's also good to know that the surrounding area where they plan to take the test will need to be in full view of the proctor who will be monitoring the exam.

If the exam is being taken at a testing center, individuals should come with a valid photo ID, admission ticket, calculator (if necessary), and any other materials that the testing center indicates. You should not bring personal belongings. Test takers should arrive at the testing location with adequate time before the exam is expected to begin and follow the specific instructions they are given upon arrival. Additional materials needed to complete the exam will be provided.

Praxis Core Exam

There are several ways to register for the Praxis Core exam, including online, by mail, or by phone. When registering for any Praxis exam, there is a set fee that needs to be paid. The fee varies depending on the specific Praxis exam you select. Acceptable payment methods include credit/debit card, money order, bank check, Paypal, or eCheck. There may be additional surcharges depending on the method you use or if you need to make changes to your initial Praxis registration such as rescheduling your test date.

Exam dates are continuous and are subject to change depending on the testing centers in your area. When deciding on a test date for your Praxis Core test, you should allow enough time to study and practice to increase your preparation for the official exam. You should refer to your state's requirements when determining which Praxis exam you should register for and what score you need in order to pass the Praxis exam.

Understanding Scores on the Praxis Core Exam

When taking the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators exam, you should familiarize yourself with the scoring process. While the exact score you need varies depending on the state in which you are located, the way scores are calculated stays the same. If you do not get the passing score indicated by your state's requirements, you can take the exam again. While there is not a limit on how many times you can take the Praxis exam, any retakes must be scheduled for at least 28 days after your previous test date.

Interpreting Praxis Core Score Reports

Praxis Core exams use raw points to determine your official Praxis scores, and you will get a score for each Praxis Score subtest in addition to a total/composite score. The scores may come from the number of selected-response questions you get correct or a combination of the scores you received answering different types of exam questions such as selected-response and constructed-response questions. If you are unsure of an answer, it is better to make an educated guess than leave a question blank. The total raw score is then converted to a scaled score which may be adjusted or weighted based on the difficulty of the version of the exam you took. The official score is the score that appears on your score report.

There are three sections you should expect to see on your score report. Section I includes test name, test score compared to the average performance for the test, and whether you passed or failed the exam. In section II, you will see the institution and state agency that received your score. In addition, you will see the Praxis test you took, your highest score, the required score for your state, and whether you passed the test to meet these requirements. In section III, you will see the content categories for the Praxis Core test you took, the number of questions you got correct, and the average range of scores by the middle 50 percent of those who took this exam. The raw points allow you to compare how well you did compared to the average score typically earned on that exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the Praxis Core test take?

    The Praxis Core test consists of three subtests. You can take all the Praxis Core subtests on the same day or complete each subtest individually. The time limit to complete the entire Praxis Core test is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Is the Praxis Core the same as the Praxis II?

    The Praxis Core is not the same as Praxis II. The Praxis Core tests your understanding of reading, writing and mathematics. The Praxis II, also called Praxis Subject Assessments, assess your knowledge of broad or specific subject areas and may be taken in preparation to teach at a certain grade level.

  • What is the difference between the Praxis 1 and 2?

    The Praxis 1, now referred to as the Praxis Core, is taken to evaluate your understanding of three subjects: reading, writing, and mathematics. The Praxis 2, also called Praxis Subject Assessments, assesses your knowledge of a wide range of other subject areas and grade levels.

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